event lettering

jeepers, two posts in one day? i’m on a kick, and i can’t help it. plus i’m smacking myself upside the head for not yet sharing with you the hand lettered hors d’ouevres signs i created for the random house holiday party this past december.  my dear friend kate requested my services, and i was only all too happy to oblige (ecsatic really; spending hours with a ruler and fine tip sharpie made me a very cheerful girl).

wonderful party-planner that she is, kate decided to name the hors d’ouevres after some of the amazing, hilarious and award-winning books that little random published in 2009.  see if you can guess any of the real titles below:


copyright jillian schiavi 2010

 [olive kitteridge]

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

[official book club selection]

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

[‘f’ my life]

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

[hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet]

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

[the sweetness at the bottom of the pie]

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

[let the great world spin]

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

[i am the new black]


and the two vendors we used:

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

[perri’s plates]

copyright jillian schiavi 2010



[carlei estates]

i had so much fun creating these, and would love to do more in the future! 

ps. happy birthday to my roommate megan!


3 thoughts on “event lettering

  1. Kate Childs says:

    Love this post, Jills- and love the signs you made for the party! They were absolutely perfect and we sent photos of them to the authors so they could see the inspired appetizers!

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