in the margins

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

i just recently discovered some doodles hidden within my old work notebook that actually look like they’ve got some promising aspects to them.  since i’m addressing the wedding invitations for my cousin’s wedding this summer, and possibly lettering the escort cards for a very dear, very bookish friend of mine, my mind has been on different lettering styles for the past, well, year and half (approx. how long the aforementioned cousin has been engaged!).  these little treasures have a lovely and delicate look to them – a bit of a vintage flair.

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

and since i’m also designing some signage for a little alice in wonderland themed ypg (un)birthday party, i thought i’d drop these in here too, to give you a glimpse into what i’m thinking to go alongside the snacks at the fete.

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

copyright jillian schiavi 2010

i hope all you new yorkers are enjoying the lovely weather – let’s hope it only gets better!


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