the school of the art institute of chicago – mfa show completed


it’s been two weeks since graduation. since i walked across the stage of the pritzker pavilion in millennium park, chicago, and shook the hand of president walter massey, and became a ‘master’ of something. a master of fine arts in writing. to say that the journey getting there was eventful, exhilarating, incredibly, overwhelmingly fun, exhausting, trying, emotional and full of unforgettable moments isn’t doing it justice. in fact, as a writer, all of that sounds a bit cliche. but the truth is, i couldn’t have imagined my life any different than it is now. i can’t imagine not having had the experiences i’ve had, meeting the people that now surround me and fill my days, working within the three different careers i’ve built for myself, living in this vibrant and gorgeous city.



every decision i have made over the last two years has helped shape the life i feel inspired to continue living, every day. every choice i’ve made, every person i’ve said hello to, every meal i’ve consumed, yoga class i’ve sweated in, party i’ve attended, reading i’ve participated in, boy i’ve kissed, morning i’ve awoken to with a smile on my face, ready to get up and get at what’s next – it’s all helped me grow, and it’s all helped me understand just what i want, what i expect, what i deserve from this life. so, going to art school might seem frivolous. perhaps it really was. but i wouldn’t have preferred getting to today any other way.


ps. these are all images from the mfa thesis exhibition at saic – more to come in the form of paper cutting, for sure.



3 thoughts on “the school of the art institute of chicago – mfa show completed

  1. lida mary says:

    hi there, gorgeous girl. congratulations on this wonderful achievement! your installation is stunning. sending love from a long lost friend 🙂 xoxo lida

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