getting inky

(earth, wind, fire, water, moon – for alex raffael)

sometimes how we envision things happening doesn’t end up being the case. in fact, this happens most of the time. if, a year ago, someone was to tell me i’d be receiving weekly commissions to draw and design words and pictures that people all over the world would be permanently marking themselves with, i’d have thought that sounded amazing, and completely unbelievable. well, now, just seven months after designing my own, first tattoo, i am happily occupied with translating ideas, words, and images into tattoos. i love it. of course, now i can’t imagine not thinking of this in the first place.


(tattooed version of this design – for jessica silva)

here are a few recent tattoos that i’ve designed, and as always, i welcome many more to come.

(‘bird’ – for katie prange)

(meaning ‘to live life passionately and unafraid – for megan mateer)


One thought on “getting inky

  1. Stacey canarslan says:

    Hi I have been searching for a design for three years to display my daughter n sons names. Leila. Konur. I wanted it to intertwine in a heart or circle or use initials. My husbands turkish so something symbolic to this too can u help?

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