tattooed in uganda

(His angels will guard us in all our ways – for melinda ozongwu)

the other day, a lovely woman named melinda emailed me from uganda. she was on her way to london, and while there, was planning to get a phrase tattooed on her forearm. the design was finalized, the appointment was made, everything was ready. and then, so she says, she stumbled upon this blog. and overhauled her entire design. what an honor it was to take up the task of creating something she could really fall in love with. something that she’d look at every day, and know that taking the extra steps to make it perfect was well worth it. personally, i think it looks just lovely.


14 thoughts on “tattooed in uganda

    • jillyink says:

      hi trina – it’s actually my handwriting! i do a lot of freelance calligraphy design for tattoos, weddings, events, etc. i’m glad you like it!

      cheers – jill

      • Kyla B says:

        Hi! I love that Handwriting and want to use it for a tattoo of a Poem that I want to put on my side, I’ve been searching for a font and this is beautiful

      • jillyink says:

        hi kyla! send me an email at jillian (dot) schiavi (at) gmail (dot) com, and i’ll let you know my rates for tattoo designs. thank you so much for reaching out, and for your kind words regarding my work!

    • jillyink says:

      i wish i could help out – the client i designed this tattoo for actually got it inked in london. if i hear of anything, i’ll certainly send the info your way!

  1. Veronica Durand says:

    Omg!! That font is amazing!!!!
    What take for you to write me a phrase so I can have it tattooed??
    Please email me back asap

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