Free Download Friday – For the Bike Lovers

Biking Beauty - Preview

Good morning and happy Friday! As promised, this is the first installment of my free downloadable illustrations to take with you for the weekend. It’s so beautiful out here in California, but whether you live somewhere warm, or you’ve been in a wintry tundra for the last few months, dreaming of perfect bike riding days can help add a little fresh air to your daily pursuits. At least that’s what the inspiration was behind this illustration. It’s available here for you to download and print out, or save on your desktop. And if you’d like a ready-made beautiful print of it, it’s also available for purchase in a myriad of different sizes over on my Society6 page.

Click here to download: Biking Beauty

Happy biking, or bike day-dreaming, and enjoy your weekend! If you enjoyed this post, or like the illustration, be sure to share or re-tweet it to all your bike-loving/typography-loving/hand lettering-loving friends. As always, remember to reference @jillyink, and to stay up to date with more free giveaways like this, and my perspective on being a creative entrepreneur, make sure to subscribe to the Ink Blot!



New Editorial Calendar from jilly ink – starting this Friday!

Good afternoon sunny Oakland, snowy Boston, sub-zero Chicago, and the rest of the world. It’s been a very (very) long time since I’ve shared here, and starting today, I’m excited to say, the radio silence and gaps in my writing stop. I’ve just immersed myself in a bunch of amazing videos from the talented and biz-savvy Marie Forleo, and as an actionable step I’m taking to grow my lettering and illustration business, I’ve decided to create an editorial calendar.

Marie Forleo_Quote

Going forward, here’s what you can expect from the jilly ink blot every week:

Mondays – an uplifting and inspirational, FREE, downloadable wallpaper for your desktop, phone, tablet, and any other device that you have. I believe that starting your week with beautifully designed words of wisdom is the best way to get your feet on the floor, and running towards your passion.

Wednesdays – a spotlight on another creative entrepreneur that I believe is fiercely going after what he/she is truly excited about. Being a part of this community is amazing, and as a way to give back to the women and men who inspire me, I look forward to sharing their vision and work with all of you (to start, if you don’t watch MarieTV or haven’t browsed around her site yet, go go go – she’s phenomenal)!

Fridays – another freebie. This time, I’ll be offering a printable illustration to take with you for the weekend. Keep it in your wallet, frame it for your walls, photograph yourself with it on your travels and tag @jillyink on Instagram, etc. I want to give you something beautiful, to close your week with, to re-engage your creative energy for the weekend to come, or to give to someone else in your life as a reminder of the beauty you see in them as well.

I’m really excited to begin sharing these visual and written messages with all of you, so stay tuned because the first post on the editorial calendar drops this Friday, February 21st, at 10am PST. Until then, enjoy your day!