the artist

jillian schiavi is an oakland-based writer/illustrator with a tooth for sweets, an eye for optimism and a hand for remarkable penmanship.  at jilly ink she shares her original artwork and welcomes any new ideas for both drawing and stationery commissions.  cheers, and enjoy!


10 thoughts on “the artist

  1. honey pie says:

    Found you when I was googling “caligraphy tattoos”. Amazing artistic hand-writing, amazing heartfelt thoughts and deeds you have for your near and dear. Founding your blog made my day. Thanks so much for being here on the Internet so that we can find you ❤

  2. Marcelo says:


    First congratulations for your site and work!
    I am writing to ask how to hire your services? My wife and I would like to get a tattoo in honor of our son, we would like to create something in the style of calligraphy as you have on the site from the following ideas: think of using the name of our son Vítor (we are Brazilians), written using the references of Strap Moebius and symbol of infinity!
    I await your return!

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