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  1. taylor says:

    hi jilly

    I came across your blog and I love it. I noticed you like papercraft you should check out ghostcogs.co.uk. I brought some of her cow cut and make postcards and there is a thing called toga on there. take a look you might like.
    keep up the good work.

    • jilly says:

      taylor, thank you so much! i’m glad you enjoy the blog, and you’re right, this is such lovely work that you’ve found.


  2. Dad says:

    Jillian, is there a way of tying personalized handwritten messages with automated production to create the cut-out window drappings? It would give you the opportinuty to create a business plan that would preserve your creativity whilst expanding your reach. Find a computer science specialist to write a software program and/or industrial engineer student to develop and application for an industrial stencil machine. Love Dad

  3. Nicole says:

    Hiya, I really love your fonts & I have seen that you have been asked to write for peoples tattoos, i was wondering if there was any chance of you being able to write somthing out for me, or ask if you do anything like that. As would love that font tattooed on me!

    Nicole X

  4. Dominika says:

    Hey Jilly, i was looking for a long time for something that i would like at first sight and have it once made permanent…just by coincidence, I came across your web and found exactly “the” thing that i was looking for sooo long! beautiful… i would love to have a tattoo with your design if possible! its just amazing…i would be extremely pleased if you could write something for me. thank you that we have such brilliantly talented people like u!


  5. Karrissa says:

    I believe everything happens for a reason. I think i was meant to stumble apon this page 🙂
    I moved away from my bestfriend 3 years ago, and we still keep in touch via facebook or 3 hour phone calls, but this august we are finally getting to see each other again !! so we decided that being the crazy girlfriends we are, we wanted to get our love and friendship for each other tattoo’ed !
    I love your writing style and was wondering if you were interested in doing something for us?
    I think between the three of us we can makes an amazing piece or art

  6. runninl8 says:

    Hi there! I stumbled upon your beautiful “love life” infinity symbol with feather

    And I was wondering how much it might cost to have you design a similar one-without the feather-with my 2 children’s names? I’d like to tattoo this on my wrist!

  7. Andrea says:

    Hi, my name is Andrea and I was wondering if you could design the words Talitha Koum for a tattoo I am wanting… was wondering how much you charge. 🙂 i love your stuff!

  8. Marcelo says:


    First congratulations for your site and work!
    I am writing to ask how to hire your services? My wife and I would like to get a tattoo in honor of our son, we would like to create something in the style of calligraphy as you have on the site from the following ideas: think of using the name of our son Vítor (we are Brazilians), written using the references of the Belt and Moebius symbol of infinity!
    I await your return!

  9. Amanda says:

    Hi, I came across some of your tattoo design and really like them.
    I’m currently in the process of picking a tattoo design to get done.
    I was wondering if you would at all be able to draw a few things up for me if i tell you what i’m after.

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Luana says:

    Hey! Guess I’m not the only one who wants your amazingly gifted work… You should make this a business! I’d love your design beauty to be a part of my tattoo. It’s a foot design that I just can’t seem to get right…. If you’re willing, i would gladly accept your help!

    Because you rock,

  11. Renee Albert says:


    I discovered your beautiful work on Pinterest and had to ask if it would be possible for you to duplicate your love/life infinity symbol tattoo (minus the feather) with my 2 daughters names within it? If so, please lets discuss further.


  12. Ingrid says:

    Hi Jilly! I love your art! I’m turning 40 soon and would love for my first tattoo to be designed by you, if possible:) I really like “je ne regrette rien”, and my birthday is on day of the dead (really, really love the skull on your stamp). I understand if you’re busy, just thought I’d check. Your art is really wonderful! -Ingrid

    • Michael Schiavi says:

      Jill,   I noticed some comments on the stamps- that sometimes the borders get inked and come out on the paper/envelopes when pressed.  2 solutions: 1). Have the actually engraving with a thicker rubber so when pressed the edges won’t touch, or 2). See if the stamp can be routed (trimmed) close to the lettering so there is essentially no border to press against the paper.   Love, Dad

  13. Rae says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you would write up a script for my upcoming tattoo? I love your penmanship. I sent you an email a few weeks ago, I hope you received it 😉

    • jillyink says:

      hello rae! i’d love to – send me an email at jillian (dot) schiavi (at) gmail (dot) com, and i’ll let you know my design rates. thanks so much for reaching out!


  14. Tiffany says:

    I recently found your artwork on pinterest and LOVED it! Can we discuss you drawing a tattoo for my best friend and I? We have a quote and image in mind and were interested in what ideas you might have. Please let me know! We are planning to get the tattoos right after Christmas this year so we have time to connect. Thank you!

  15. Chiara says:

    Hello! I’d like a common tattoo with my sister. Could you send me a design with the words “to infinity and beyond”? Thank you! 🙂

    • jillyink says:


      Thanks so much for reaching out for a jilly ink tattoo design. I’d love to design this for you and your sister – what a fun idea! Take a look at the rates and procedures for tattoo designs, and let me know if you’d like to move forward:

      Calligraphy Tattoo Design: $150

      – includes up to 3 rounds of revisions and a scan of the image

      – each additional revision: $25

      All payment is conducted via PayPal, and designs require a $50 deposit. Once the deposit is settled, a first pass will be sent within the first week. After that, depending on the number of revisions we go through, the design process can take anywhere from a few days after the initial pass, to a month or so. Rush orders will incur an additional fee. Once we’ve decided upon a final design, the cleaned up version will be sent, along with an invoice for the final balance due. Final payments are due within 30 days of the invoice date.

      Let me know how you’d like to proceed; and thank you for the opportunity to create something beautiful enough for you to have tattooed!

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